Helping You Handle Hypothyroidism

Managing Your Over-active Thyroid

Suffering from an overactive thyroid can be a lifelong and seemingly unwinnable battle. However, with the proper education and procedures, hypothyroidism can be managed.

Know Your Body

The first step to gaining or losing weight is understanding your body’s needs. For example, a 12-year-old, 100-pound boy may only need 1500 calories to maintain his body weight. Whereas, a 20 year, 160-pound man may lose weight if he only consumes 1500 calories. The point is everyone is different, and everyone needs a different amount of calories to maintain their body weight. It is important that you understand this so you can figure out what kind of calorie consumption you will need to achieve your desired goal.

Drink Plenty of Water

This is key for anyone looking to lose weight, not just those who suffer from hypothyroidism. Drinking water has a multitude of benefits concerning weight loss. The first is that it helps speed up your metabolism. It causes the muscles and organs to work more efficiently, which in turn causes an increase in your metabolism. This allows your body to burn more calories. The second advantage to drinking lots of water is it tricks your body into thinking it is full. When you are feeling hungry try drinking a glass of water 10 to 15 minutes before you eat. This will cause your body to think you are full faster and you will eat less.

Exercise the Right Way

The most common problem I see, when I watch people new to the gym, is over-doing their workout. You cannot make up 3 years of bad dieting with 30 minutes of intense training; it just does not work that way. Take it slow, if you don’t see immediate results don’t panic. In my experience, the best approach to working out for weight loss is a slow and steady workout; not a fast-paced, high intensity one.

Living with hypothyroidism is not a one-size-fits-all lifestyle. For some, it is much easier to control their weight; but for others it seems next to impossible. Keep this in mind and try different approaches if what you are doing is not working. You have to understand your body and develop your own combination of dieting and exercise in order to truly be successful with maintaining your weight. The above-mentioned ideas is not an all inclusive list; but it is a great guide, especially to help get you started in the right direction!

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